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Giving the Confidence of a Beautiful Smile
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Your Dream Smile

We think you’ll agree with us when we say:

Your dream smile is important for more than just your dental health – it can be the first step to discovering the freedom of self-confidence.

And the good news?

Oliver Orthodontics Brisbane can make it happen in the shortest time possible, with your best imaginable result, and at a cost you’ll smile about.

Orthodontist Dr Tom Oliver’s ‘secret’ is knowing all the leading treatment technology, understanding which will suit you best, and applying them with the highest level of care possible.

How does that transform your life?

The source of any nagging insecurities will be gone. You'll experience the freedom of sharing your full smile, confident you're looking your best. Gone are the worries of people looking at your teeth, because you'll want them to notice your beautiful smile. What a feeling of liberation.

Why Visit a Leading Specialist Orthodontist in Brisbane?

As a specialist orthodontist, Dr Oliver delivers higher quality results than a general dentist dabbling in orthodontics, and usually for the same price. It’s common sense you’d only trust a specialist with your perfect smile, right?

Leading treatments begin with 3D scanning and modelling of your mouth. Oliver Orthodontics Brisbane uses latest technology software to design the optimal smile for you. You’ll enjoy the confidence of seeing your dream result before treatment even begins.

Your brackets or aligners are created with the ideal shape and placement for each tooth. That customisation means you receive a faster treatment time with fewer appointments.

And because the treatment is personalised to fit only your teeth, your treatment will be more comfortable, and you’ll receive precise, exceptional results.

Being a specialist orthodontist means Dr Tom Oliver has given children, teenagers and adults throughout Brisbane the confidence of a dream smile. And he’ll do the same for you.

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Orthodontist Brisbane Clinic

If you live in the Brisbane metro area and you'd like to talk about your dream smile with a specialist orthodontist, Oliver Orthodontics makes it easy.
No referral needed, just call and we'll get you in the schedule. The first step towards your beautiful smile is that simple.
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